EUROTRIP 2022 – DAY 6 (Part II)


A mandatory safety drill & the cruising begins

The second part of day 6 began with a mandatory safety drill on the top deck – I’m not sure what it really achieved as it seemed to border on organised chaos for most of the time, and with the amount of time it took the majority of people to sort out how to put their lifejackets on the right way up, you’d hope that any emergency we might face would be a slow moving one 🙂

With that out of the way, the crew started preparations to launch, and at a little after 3:45 pm, the Scenic Crystal moved off from its mooring beside us and we were free to leave. With the sunny day starting to transform to a kind of thin, humid haze, the golden light of the afternoon sun radiated onto the eastern shore.

This was the start of what was to be 24 hours of straight cruising to Vienna, following the Danube River upstream through Bratislava in Slovakia in the morning and eventually into the Austrian capital sometime the next afternoon. For the remainder of the day however, we would be cruising through Hungary all of the way, eventually reaching Gyor at around midnight.

There isn’t really any commentary to add, but I did take quite a lot of photos in the hour or so before dark – here are the highlights:

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  1. Gerrit Linde

    What a beautiful trip your having. Jan and I love Budapest, particularly the baths and the night time river cruise.

  2. Gerrit and Jan

    Great photos, great memories

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