Just a quick post of a few fun facts about our trip, while we battle with slow internet speeds and drop-outs.

Number of countries visited so far: 5

Rivers travelled: 1

Schnitzels consumed: 9

Varieties of beer consumed: 8

Varieties of sausage consumed: 8

Number of times during the trip that either one of has sworn never to eat sausages/drink beer again: 3

Strudel count: 7

Number of times we have had to explain what we mean when we ask for a “flat white coffee”: 13

Number of times we have had to explain to the same bloody waitress what we mean when we ask for a “flat white coffee”: 6

Number of times we have completely confused the locals by saying “good morning” to them in a language other than English, that isn’t actually their own: 3

Number of times we have been mistaken for New Zealanders: 1

Number of statues groped: 1

Number of times Mark has technically gotten us lost: 3

Number of times Mark has admitted that we are lost: 0

ABC (another bloody church/castle/cathedral) count: already off the charts

We’re having a great time, despite the majority of people on the ship having come down with the lurgy. Thankfully it doesn’t appear to be COVID, according to the RAT results at least, however it’s still a rotten cold that has knocked a lot of people for six.

We’re headed to Salzburg, Austria today and we arrive in Passau, Germany tonight, where hopefully the Wi-Fi starts picking up again & normal services can be resumed. Best wishes to all those back at home, especially those in flood-affected areas. Thankfully everyone is safe & the house is still standing.

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    Hi Ness and Mark,
    All sounds absolutely fabulous, glad you both having a great time.
    Happy to hear that the house is ok, the flooding is pretty bad down your way.
    Anyhow, lots of luv and keep enjoying yourselves,
    David, Sussie and Harry the wonder woof xxx

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