Dürnstein to Melk

An afternoon cruise

Following our morning excursion to Dürnstein, we were penciled in to do a bike ride along the river between Dürnstein and Melk, however we cancelled that and decided to stay onboard for the cruise, after realising that:

  1. We’re not as young as we used to be, and once things start to hurt, they take a lot longer to get unhurt again.
  2. Being on holiday in a foreign country is probably not the best time to find out if you can still remember how to ride a bike after 20 years.
  3. We don’t like getting wet.

So in the persistent drizzle, we waved goodbye to those brave souls who still insisted on getting onto two wheels, and went back to the cabin to watch the journey from the comfort of our balcony. No further commentary for this post, just some pictures from some of the highlights of our cruise through the fabulous Wachau Valley.

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  1. Kathie Lucas

    Sounds like you are mostly enjoying the trip. Love your posts Mark.

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